The Gospel of Maharaji*

He has the combined wisdom of Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Kabir, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, Ramakrishna, Sri Swarupanand and Shri Hans ji Maharaj and many unknown others of that illustrious lineage and yet He has never read a book. He absorbs the eternal wisdom with the infinite bliss of every breath and enlightens the world with every word. His words of peace are creating a global response as are his peace iniatives.

As ancient as the earliest scriptures

I have not read scriptures.
Maharaji 1973
Maharaji 2012

As modern as his latest Maybach


The Great Master of the Age Reveals his Secret Teachings
Learn to access the experience of peace and fulfillment within inside You

The Key To Maharaji's Gospel

Maharaji is the greatest speaker of the age and so he has revealed his teachings and his glory in words alone - words that pierce the true seekers' heart with lightning bliss. Since he began to speak from the infinite wisdom that is the creator and sustainer of the universe he has gathered millions of followers who have realised his Knowledge and become enlightened. Open the Wisdom of Maharaji and cross the Ocean of Bliss and Truth on the Master's Boat of Life.

Dive Into The Infinite Pool of Maharaji's Greatest Gospel Moments

The Drip

Guru Puja, if you have a guru, if you have a Perfect Master, you can't do anything but worship him every day of your life. You tell me, if you really have that Perfect Master in your life, what can you do except to worship him every day? Get up and worship him, pray, know, surrender. Every day of our lives!

Maharaji is internationally respected for his humor and wit.

Maharaji's humor and wit

The Drip * There is only one real Maharaji as there can be only one Ultimate Ruler

Only the real Maharaji, the true Living Master can help us. Don't be confused by such imposters as the Maharishi, Maharaji Neem Karoli Baba, Satpal Maharaj or any of the other weeds getting in the way of sincere seekers of truth coming to the Lotus Feet of the Satguru, the One and Only True Master.