The Gospel of Maharaji

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, now try to understand here, and the Word was God." Isn't it, isn't it a fantastic sentence? In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Now, this is that Word and so this is the perfect and pure energy and it has no creation and no destruction. We come into this world from the source, and that source is what this Knowledge is, is what within inside of us is, what is whatever, whatever we see in this world is a part of that and we are a part of it, too. And we start from the source and we come into this world; you know we are one with the source and then we depart from it and we come into this world and here we are. You know, we come, we're born and we go into this, through the whole well transit, through the whole channel of this earth and the,and the waves of this earth and everything. But then, then after all that, after coming into this world and going through really all the miseries that a man has to put up in this world, he is revealed this Knowledge. When he wants it, when he is looking for it, when he is seeking it, he's revealed this Knowledge. And you know what that does? That's what's strange. It puts him right back from where he really started. But that's where the destination is, too.

All means are perishable, but there is one means which is immortal, which is existing from the beginning of creation and will remain forever. All other means are for maya. Some people wish for money, some people wish for something else that brings a great amount of pride. And then pride is everything for them. But for wise people, the Knowledge is the only means. Only those people who are truly searching get this means.

This is the natural law. Similarly, in order to be with the Lord, one has to become a humble servant in the beginning. You, in the western world, are crippled with materialism. Come to me, for I shall heal you from your disease. You are blind with your eyes, for you cannot look to the spiritual world. Come to me, for I shall enlighten you. If you are lame, I am there to help you.

You see, man cannot think about this Knowledge with his mind. It is beyond his mind. There was a time when there was no sun and no darkness, no light and no darkness. No Earth. No sky. No water. Nothing was there. Can you think about that time when there was no sun, no light, and no darkness? Can an artist make a picture of that time? Can a man discuss something from that nature? But this Knowledge has been in the beginning. Because in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. How can you think about it?

Worldly people have always had one purpose, not just since today or yesterday, but since the beginning of time: and that purpose has been to oppose the real Truth and to try and prevent it reaching people. Because the worldly mind is such a thing that it cannot get along with Truth. Why can't it get along with Truth? It can't get along with Truth because it is born of falsehood, is bred in falsehood, and dies in falsehood, in darkness. That is why from time to time the Perfect Master comes to the earth, into the world, to destroy that falsehood, that darkness. That is the reason why all the saints have said one should live in the world like a lotus. Though living in it, one should be out of it.

This world would just completely collapse if Perfect Master stopped coming in this world. I can't possibly even imagine or foresee what this world would be like. Because it would be completely incredible to just see the beginning and the end of the world in the same minute, in the same second, in the same hour. It'd be just gone! Finished! I mean, with the Perfect Master in this world there's enough problems. And with him not here, it just feels like the whole thing would just go "poof", and that would be it.

In this world there is only one reason. And that one reason why we are all here is because we love each other. Is because I love you and you love me is the greatest reason in this whole universe to be here, and to always show up again and again and again, in time immemorial, as Guru Maharaj Ji and devotees, 'til there is the blue sky, until there is a brown earth, until there the ocean roars. So premies, let it go on, let it flow. It always - all the premies in the whole lifetime have wanted to have satsang, have wanted to have darshan. Well, we went through a lot, well, we're back again, and we're back again home. I'm here and you are there. I don't want anybody in between, and I'm pretty sure you don't want anybody in between. If you want to unite with me, you have now an opportunity to do so by satsang, service, and meditation, and by the opportunities provided by these satsang programs to you now, premies.

Guru Puja, if you have a guru, if you have a Perfect Master, you can't do anything but worship him every day of your life. You tell me, if you really have that Perfect Master in your life, what can you do except to worship him every day? Get up and worship him, pray, know, surrender. Every day of our lives!

Every time we've put our faith in ourselves, what do we get? Every time we try our own little experiment in this world, what do we get? Every time we try to do it, we try to make it, it's nothing but a total loss in this life. No matter how we even try to control this life, where does it come out to? And yet a small human being, a small human being standing in the face of infinity, this vast, vast universe of which he doesn't even know where it begins and where it ends, standing on the, on the face of total ignorance, complete ignorance where knowing doesn't even begin, where darkness has completely prevailed, and has prevailed for ages and ages and ages and in that time, in that space comes somebody to help, to help every single soul, to help every single human being, to uplift into that place where there is no more ignorance, where there is that light, where there is that love, where there is that grace, where there is that joy, where there is that heaven. Just what is our chances? We can't even fathom, we can't even fathom just looking out into the sky and saying "How far is that star? How far is that place?" We don't even know, I mean, here we are stuck in one part of this galaxy, we don't even know how many hundreds more exist out there. We don't even know where this universe begins, and where this universe ends and yet in one minute, in one second Guru Maharaj Ji shows us the beginning and the end of infinity right inside of us. He shows us the infinity, the thing, the very thing that keeps us alive. The Knowledge, to know, to know everything, to know and after that no more to wander and no more to just spend this life in that search and search and search but in one moment he turns this life around where it begins to become just to experience an experience an experience, experiencing that grace, and experiencing that love.

if you truly are a subject, subject of this magnificent Creator who through mercy and love and kindness has done the most impeccable job of creating this planet earth then I ask you in which sense, in which way are you reflecting that perfection which so kindly has been bestowed upon you. Which way?